Xangles, Frangles, & Blorkk:

Please see the Xangles Index of Terms for a more up to date list of Blorkk & Frangles terms.
This page will be updated soon, and will be revised to include only Blorkk terms.

blinker (n): an unorigial metaphysical parody of jumpers and Jedis.

Blorkk (ku): The only other known universe anybody knows about.

Blurka (character): The name of every single Urgg female.

Dan (character): An unfortunate frwoa character who gets sucked into the nonexistent bad horror novel Xangles frwoa.

dorian (n,v): A dalmation-skined angel and paladin-like race of Kronerica or Geffonia, the fusion of "Kroffonia" and "Generica" which are used only in this single sentence in the entire Xangles universe.

Earth (focus): If you lived here in the 155th billenia, you'd be home by now.

efk (n): A race of Generica, a parody on 'elf' and 'ekk,' the latter of which is another term only used in this single sentence in the entire Xangles universe.

Florbb (focus): A planet at a time of what some would call the dead middle of time, that is, half way between the dawn and end of time at the 877 billenia of our known universe (Okuaka).  By the half way point, the general category of studies referred to as sciences, has progressed to nanononology.

flutofons, flutons, flutophotons (n): Similar to protons, neutrons, electrons, nutrinos, and medacholorians, which the current friter of the index is to lazy to look up the proper spelling of.  From one From one xangle, they are Aristotle's "primary elements" of all there is, binding existence like an infinite sea of duct taped plastic balls children jump into.  It is the initial solidification of pure general thought at the end-dawn of time into vaguely coherent thoughts, which will then evolve to the full solidity of the physical sciences and then get vague and general again as science progresses to moka (magic) and then back to pure thought.

Fluton, Flutonia, Fluphophia (focus): The first period of time after the dawn of time, in which everyone around takes some time to gather their thoughts into vaguely solidified ideas before continuing the solidification of them into fully corporeal confusion.

flomp (v): Just like it sounds.

frangle: (n): a fractal angle (see xangle).

Frangles (frwoa series): A slightly more catchy and henced dumbed down for morons term for the Xangles series, which didn't quite make the cut because the domain wasn't available

fruse (v): To frown confusingly.  Mainly a characteristic of Kyle Kirby and his hallucinated fans.

frite or xite (v): To fractal-write or xangle-write a fractal or x-angled work of art (frwoa or xwoa).  n. xiter, friter (long i, or maybe short i, or whatever)

frwoa or xwoa (n): A fractal work of art or x-angled work of art.  The synthesis of the nouns novel, film, role playing game, napkin-scribbled poem, or post-it memo involving even an infinitesimal plot, such as "In the beginning, you're fired Professor Xing."

Generika, Generica (focus): A place with infinite flat ground, absolutely nothing like the realm of Fantisa it satires, but that if it were would have a better explanation of how a sun can exist without a horizon and how the dead center of the land can be infinitely far away from everything within an infinite radius, within which the use of "moka" is likewise nothing like the 'magic' in every single generic fantasy novel it parodies.

giraffahole (n): Much like a wormhole, except named humorously for the purposes of a humor saga and the illusion of creativity.

graffology (n): A science a step from the idea of giraffaholes, or wormholes, connecting areas of the great Fractal, just one letter short of having the benefit of being one letter shorter than the term "hyperspace."

grumple (n): A mysteriousy and vaguely defined body part of the Urgg.

koosh (v): Just like it sounds.

krforb (n): A Kroffonian Orb mod.  An advanced version of Hal, Sal, Kal, Jane, Deep Thought, the annoying paperclip from Microsoft Word, and every single annoying AIM bot.

Kroffonia (focus) [archaic: Kroffonoluniania.  ultra-archaic: Kroffonuoffuulanianiania, ad infin.]: An land on flat ground theorized but not totally confirmed to be extending indefinitely in all directions, like hardened pizza dough stretched forever outward, the home of the science-magic called tekica and pokemon-shaped orbs of entire digital realms previously based on science.

krunch (n): A pun coined by Kyle's friends from "Kyle," "brunch," and "munch," due to Kyle's tendency to eat crunchy food at sporadic intervals.

ku (n): A Known Universe, of which ours is called Okuaka.  Several xanglic known universes are known, only two of which anyone currently bothers with: Okuaka, and Blorkk.  In addition to certain frwoas, it is also used in the definition of "phylo" in this index.

Kyle Kirby (character): A weird schizofranglic freak living on Earth in the 155th billenia of Okuaka who  hallucinates his vague importance in the history of the known univerwe.

kzx (kzx) Hey, well, this would be an alternate part of speech if it were a noun.

moka (n): Essentially magic but different enough to feign originality, evolved from science very long before it, little used by the non-elf-like "efks," both re-named to expertly cloak their eerie similarities and sustain the brilliant creativity of the seven frwoas of Xangles.

Mrongu (n): A race scantly referred to but without whose massive financial contributions this one-line advertisement for their $19.95 puddy rings highly recommended by the friters of Xangles would not be possible. 

nanononology, or nanology (n): A very evolved and useless form of science or nanotechnology.

Noctagon (n): The nonexistent ninth xangles book, just like the Octagon of the first eight nonexistent Xangles books.

Okuaka (ku): Acronym for "Only Known Universe Anybody Knows About" (ours) which by a monkey Earther brain fart hasn't actually been officially named.  Actually naming our entire known universe becomes necessary when another is discovered by Kolphin the Dolphin via the fracolic waves of graffaspace connecting all kus.

Orb (n): A ultrasuperadvanced computer between the evolution of computers from the physical sciences on to the pure thought of infinitely developed flutons and nanons.

Orbo (character): A bored Kroffonian orb who sort of wanders here or there ambivolently.

phylo (n):  A two-syllable condensing of the excessively four-syllable word "philosophy" resulting from all the classes of students forced to write it repetitively in chalk as punishment for complaining about its length in the first place.  Xanglic phylo is strangely similar to the obscure bullcrap ideas some frwoa writer somewhere in the 155th billenia of Okuaka.

Pik (krforb): a Kroffonian Orb Mod who manages some of the frwoa static and confusion between our known universe (Okuaka) and the only other universe anybody knows about (Blorkk).

prope (n): A mix of 'pope' and 'pro.'

septagon (n): rare term for a heptagon: a polygon with seven sides.

sninkwomp (v): A mysteriousy and vaguely defined ability of the Urgg.

tekica (n): Evolved of science and nanononoloy.  Half scientific.  Half mokan (magical).  All scientifical-magical.

thought (n): The final step in the evolution of science, moka (magic), and so on, the step before the collapse of the known universe and re-dawn of time via a buggy 486 laptop.

Zeroa (focus): The last of the seven foci binding the known known universe, composed of pure thought, entirely coincidentally like the last term in this index.

zizz (v): Just like it sounds.