ogray, sog,
whut's all this
about, eh Kolfin?
Oh, nothing, Glorb.
comg on, yourg not
gretting off that greasy.
You know, I think that
lesson on the Ggrurlgrum
Urgg dialect of English is
doing wonders for griter comp-
etence. You actually sound like
you're mangling English with an
ineffable consistancy.  Kudos, Glorb.
sargrasm doesn't bergome a lithe &
desterous dolfin.  And youg mispelgt
"congristensy".  Silly spelling dolfin.
Angryway, grut's wif the new prage?
It's supposed to be an Urgg swamp.
Duhsn't loog lig a swump.  Logs
like some lasy webmarger juss hit
a fewg buttons, rengered a gayg
purpley frargtal, and called
it a swump.  Our swumps
dorn't loog lig this at arl.
Just stick to mangling
English and we'll stick
to ruining your

       Oh, Furgy, look!
     It's a new swamp. It's
   about time for one, I say.
 Blurka, some Earther calling an
ugly fractal a swamp doesn't make
 it a swamp.  Look at the colors!
  I suppose beauty depends on
 your point of view.  To them,
 maybe it's a beautiful thing.
     Then it's not a SWAMP!
       Oh, just eat your
        mulg, Furgy...
       Which one?