Blorkk Zero  S / 270'
Kip of Pik

There are end-starts of the crucial point where a circu-linear story finishes and yet begins, that bring the saga in question to a close or a bolting katalyst, with ineffable precision and care.  Endings that blast you with a dozen epiphanies that cast everything you've gone through in a blazing neon light, crystalizing all the pieces into perfect balance and symmetry, tying up all lose ends with inch-thick titanium rope, or leaving your mouth watering for a journey to find out what the hell has just been expertly wrapped up for you, like watching the last scene of Memento then rewinding and fast forwarding at random, ironic because the last scene is the first chronologically anyway.

While the most obvious next line would be "This is definitely not one of those end-starts," much more accurate would be "Any decent schizophrenic reader should be able to make all those connections if they rip out every other page and imagine an infinite string of dental floss connecting all the most irrelevant paragraphs in a vast octological web."  Most accurate of all would be to issue a warning that the friter who's already done this to bring you this crystalization, did so while institutionalized for chronic delusion and impairment of judgement of reality, and hence will probably drive anyone who reads even the pre-pro-epi-logue--or the first or last few pages of a novella rendition of the work--stark raving mad.  Especially when and where the entire summation wraps up a totally nonexistent and fictional fictional saga.  As many friters say, "There's nothing like the ethereal epiphany of knowing how a vast and complex frwoa would wrap itself up if it actually existed outside of its center of gravity."

Hence, the epi-pro-logue to Frangles has been cleverly disguised as the above first two paragraphs of the first chapter, which, of course, might as well have been the last.